Tech Papers available online, mostly by J McKnight,
with a few titles, where the short titles don't mean anything
Updated 2015-01-28
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file:///E:/MRL Website, File Index/Diskdata Index File Names/mrl-documents-online.html    (base address)$trans.html$trans-new-with-bank-nr2003-12-30.html$trans-with-bank-nr2003-12-30.html     (What Is a Calibration Tape?)       (Choosing & Using MRL Calibration Tapes)     (a better way to evaluate bias setting)     (Tape Recording Equalization Fundamentals and 15 in/s Equalizations)     (Head Height Alignment Methods)
index.html     (A Forth program to Make tables of Audio Magnetic Tape Recording Eq & Conversions )     (above program explained -- change suffix to ".txt" to read)  (The tables from above)  (Bertram model)     (Demagnetizing A Tape Recorder)     (A Forth program to Make a table of the Gap Response function)     (above program explained -- change suffix to ".txt" to read)    (incomlete draft of a paper in progress)     (On the Need for a Standard Method for Primary Calibration
                                                                                                                             of the Frequency and Wavelength Response of a Magnetic Tape Reproducer)    (J. Mcknight, "Quantities, Units, Letter Symbols, and Abbreviations")     (Speed, Pitch, and Timing Errors in Tape Recording and Reproducing)     (Use this file if you need to get any of the files below that are not linked)