MRL has never  made Cassette Calibration tapes, either on open reel or in cassettes. Here is another company that mightl be able to help you:

For BASF Calibration Tapes:
JRF Magnetic Sciences
249 Kennedy Rd
Greendell, NJ 07839

Tel +1 973 579 5773
Fax +1 973 579 6021
  On 2009-12-15, JRF writes us to say that "The supply of cassette tapes has dwindled down to a few Wow & Flutter plus some 6.3kHz Azimuth tapes.  We will most likely run out some time in early 2010.  I have been trying to find a source however so far it  has been a dead-end search.   I will let you know if something materializes."

Cassette Calibration tapes used to be available from TEAC, and from STL (Standard Tape Laboratory), of Woodside, CA. As of 1999-04-30, STL has stopped production of open-reel, cartridge, and cassette calibration tapes.

If you should find other Cassette Calibration Tapes manufacturers, send us a message and we'll add them to this list.

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