Older Updates to the MRL Home Page

The update of the home page from 2008-03-17 somehow got lost; reinstated here. Link to "Studer List" removed -- defunct.
Major update of pubshed
Updated "Azimuth in a Magnetic Tape Recorder"
Added alternate email address mrltapes@gmail.com for anyone having difficulty contacting us at the flash.net address.
Price increase from 2008-04-01, PubPL2008 ; available on ATR Magnetics Tape; international dealers updated; prepay removed -- nobody does it
Minor cleanup; added jm biography link.
2007-12-26 Added explanation of MRL Catalog Numbers to the "List of Publications"
Bibliography of papers by J. McKnight now includes links to PDF files of many of the papers.
Ref to prices changed to "pubpl2006.pdf"
Price increase, 10 $ per item from 2006-11-03; new address & fone/fax.
Added link to Jack Endino's measurements of "head bumps"
Added para "Delivery"; update "More Information..."
Added "Go To" at top; reworded a few places to clarify; added "About MRL" papers by Hodges and Kostelnik.
Added links to McKnight and Morrison papers from Ampex days..
All publications updated to new prices, dated 2005-07-01, with 15 % increase. Major revision of Pub 203 (Polarity).
PL2005 linked to top banner
Price increase for 2005-07-01 announced
Some minor editing; added new Pub101SM, "Multifrequency Reproducer Calibration Tapes for 15 in/s with MRL 'Studio Master' Equalization, for Open-Reel Applications"; minor editing to "Tape Recording Equalization Fundamentals and 15 in/s Equalizations" to reference Pub101SM.
Revised pubame a few days ago;  major revision of  Fundamentals and Equalizations for 15 in/s .
Added technical papers " Master-tape Equalization Revisited" , and Tape Information Table.
Corrected link for Speed; re-uploaded Demagnetization
Added Biasing in Magnetic Tape Recording
Added updated Pub AME, Multifrequency  Cal Tapes With Ampex Master Equalization; with tech references on AME
Link for "Low-Frequency Response Calibration of a Multitrack Magnetic Tape Recording and Reproducing System" corrected
Added technical papers "Flux and Flux-Frequency Measurements and Standardization in Magnetic Recording" and "Tape Flux Measurement Revisited " .
Added link to catalog of TEAC Cassette Calibration Tapes to cassvend.html
International Dealers List updated
New prices posted for all Publications  at 21:50 pt.
Added AME (Ampex Master Equalization). Replaced with Pub AME on 2004-03-23
Added PubSMS3, Two-Speed Short Calibration Tapes: The "version" numbers (second three digits only) of all of the 2-speed  tapes that we have programmed. Everything in Pub SMS2a, and many more.
2004-01-19 price list , Pub101, and PubSMS2a, posted.  -2004 posted this date,  deleted on 2004-01-19  Ref to "2004" deleted 2004-01-23
Notice of price increase added
Added reference to "sticky-shed" to Technical Papers; added reference to The Studer List .
Rearranged some of the text.
Added "Which Calibration Tape Should I Buy? An Elementary Guide"
Updated  "USA Dealer List"
Added "Low Frequency Response Calibration..." to technical papers available.
2003-06-13 International Dealer List updated; web URLs added where available.
2003-05-19 Replaced  "Tape Recording Equalization -- Table of Standard Responses from IEC Standard 60094-1, Fig 1"  with "Standard Tape Flux vs Frequency (IEC Standard, table of values, and program to calculate differences)"
2003-01-29 Added "Pub 673" (1 kHz, 10 kHz, 16 kHz, 100 Hz tones); corrected typo & reformatted "Demagnetizing..."
2003-01-10 "Two-Speed Short Calibration Tapes" Pub SMS2 replaced by re-organized (easier to figure out) Pub SMS2a; AES Journal papers now available as pdf files from MRL; "More Information..." links added.
2002-12-02 US dealer list updated
2002-09-09 Repair "back" link in "calibration tapes"; changed reference
2002-04-16 Updated CA sales tax rate to 7.25 / 8.25 %; added getting papers from the AES by email; Pub 101 minor update of 2002-02-28
2002-02-28 International dealer list updated
2001-10-24 Minor text edit; Choo&U V5.6 replaced with V5.7 (minor edit)
2001-08-02 Minor text edit; turned this "update" table end-for-end
2001-07-31 Minor text update in "PubCHROM"
2001-07-03 Add link to "Scrape Flutter and Tape Compliance Bibliography"
2001-06-12 USA Dealer List updated, this date
2001-05-30 Add links to "Tape Recording Equalization -- Table of Standard Responses from IEC Standard 60094-1, Fig 1" and 
"Tape Recording Equalization -- Historical Table of Transition Frequencies / Time Constants from 1969 SMPTE paper"
2001-05-02 Errors in some links corrected
2001-04-20 More minor text clarifications
2001-04-05 Numerous minor text clarifications.
2001-01-12 CA state tax rate changed to 7 %; "Speed..." and "Proposed Mastering Equalization..." available online
2000-10-16 "Price Increase" text deleted; description of "Publications Order Form" reworded.
2000-10-09 New prices posted for all publications; pdf file sizes corrected or Orderlit; "Price Increase" text updated.
2000-10-05 New prices posted for Pub PL2000, Pub 101, Pub Chrom, Pub SMS1, and Pub SMS2
2000-09-07 Price increase corrected to "about 12 %"
2000-08-22 Added "Price Increase"
2000-06-19 Add link to "Field Strength for Partial Erasure..."
2000-04-13 Add Warranty Return Form to Publication Order Form
2000-04-05 Add reference to getting "Proposed Equalization for 15 in/s Studio Master Recording...", & some more cleanup
2000-04-04 Reorganized a little; add tech paper "Azimuth in Magnetic Tape Recording"; unify two papers on equalization
2000-03-07 Add reference to getting "Speed, Pitch, and Timing..." reprint.
2000-03-06 Update Choo&U: Ver 5.6, 2000-02-29
1999-09-13 Update Pub 313: Graticule image added
1999-09-08 Added technical paper "Head Height Alignment Methods"
1999-08-31 Update Pub 203: add reprint of "Polarity Calibration Tape (Issue 2)", from AES Journal
1999-05-11 Update Cassette Tape info; add tech papers on equalization
1999-01-26 Update PubPL95, "Price List" to show that it is still current; update  $trans, "International Monetary Transfers" to show that we now accept credit cards
1998-12-08 Updated Pub 203, "Polarity Calibration Tapes"
1998-08-19 Added technical paper "Is My Calibration Tape Still Accurate?"
1998-06-16 Minor update to Choosing & Using ..., now Ver. 5.5
1998-05-07: USA Dealers updated; added International Dealers, Bibliography of technical papers by J. McKnight, and technical paper "Demagnetizing a Tape Recorder" 
1998-02-26 Ordering information added
1998-02-23: Originally posted