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List of MRL Publications
    These publications are our technical and sales literature. They describe the test signals and their usage, and give part numbers and US$ prices for the various tape widths, speeds, equalizations, reference fluxivities, and playing times. The first publication (Choosing and Using MRL Calibration Tapes...) gives more details relative to all of  the other publications.
    These publications are available on the MRL website in pdf form unless otherwise stated. Please click on the Publication Numbers that you need.
Pub. Nr.
MRL Catalog Numbers
An explanation of the MRL Catalog Numbers, both the 6-digit and the 12-digit kinds .
________ Pub.Choo&U Choosing and Using MRL Calibration Tapes for Audio Tape Recorder Standardization. 12 pages. Version 5.7, 2001-10-24 (minor update) in hard-copy & in pdf
Multifrequency Calibration Tapes with CCIR=IEC1 and NAB=IEC2 Equalization, for Open-Reel Applications
________ Pub. 101sm Multifrequency Calibration Tapes for 15 in/s with MRL "Studio Master" Equalization, for Open-Reel Applications
________ Pub. 107 Calibration Tapes for 48 mm/s (1.88 in/s)
________ Pub. 108 Multifreq. Cal. Tapes with NagraMaster Equaliz. for Open-Reel Applications
________ Pub. 203 Polarity Calibration Tapes (major revision  2005-07-01)
________ Pub. 211 Calibration Tapes for Use With Sound Technology 1500 Series
________ Pub. 313 Fast Swept-frequency Reproducer Calibration Tapes With 1 kHz Tone
________ Pub. 402 Slow Swept-frequency Reproducer Calibration Tapes
________ Pub. 423 Calibration Tapes for Use With Audio Precision "System One"...
________ Pub. 560 Single-Frequency Calibration Tapes: 1 kHz
________ Pub. 570 3150-Hz Flutter & Speed Test Tapes
________ Pub. 580 Single-Frequency Calibration Tapes: 10 kHz  
________ Pub. 611 Two-Frequency Calibration Tapes: 1kHz and 10 kHz, ½ each
________ Pub. 070 Three-Frequency Calibration Tapes: 1 kHz, 10 kHz, & 50 Hz, 1/3 each
________ Pub. 043 Four-Frequency Calibration Tapes: 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 16 kHz, & 50 Hz, ¼ each
________ Pub. 702 Broadband White-Noise Tapes With 1 kHz Tone
________ Pub. 802 Broadband Pink-Noise Tapes With 1 kHz Tone
Pub. AME
Multifrequency  Cal Tapes With Ampex Master Equalization; tech references on AME
________ Pub. CART Calibration Cartridges for NAB and IEC Audio Broadcast Cart. Reproducers
________ Pub.CHROM Short Calibration Tapes with Chromatic Sweep
________ Pub. SHED-2 Tape Binder Shedding
________ Pub. SMS1 Short Multi-Speed Calibration Tapes
________ Pub. SMS2a Two-Speed Short Calibration Tapes: 7.5 in/s NAB and 15 in/s NAB; 15 in/s IEC and 30 in/s AES; 15 in/s NAB and 30 in/s AES
Pub SMS3
Two-Speed Short Calibration Tapes: The "version" numbers (second three digits only) of all of the 2-speed  tapes that we have programmed. Everything in Pub SMS2a, and many more.
________ USA Dealers MRL USA Dealers List (by state, with names and fone numbers)
________ Internat. Dlrs MRL International Dealers List (by country)
________ PubOrder  MRL Publication Order Form (this form) (HTML, not PDF)
_______ PubPL2019 Price List valid after 2019-04-01 (prices only, in US$:  no descriptions or part numbers -- NOT a short-form catalog. )
PubPL2019-ATR Coming Soon -- Price List for Calibration Tapes recorded on ATR tape, valid after 2019-04-01 (prices only, in US$:  no descriptions or part numbers -- NOT a short-form catalog. )
________ $TRANS Instructions for International Money Transfers (HTML)
_______ Warranty Form Procedure for Warranty Returns, and Warranty Return Form

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